My favorite Missal pav……….


Maharashtra” the name itself tell the story of the legend Shivaji Maharaj and now famous for cities like Mumbai, Nashik, Pune & Kolhapur and yes for its favorite dish like Puran Poli, Shrikand, Amti, and many more but how to forget Pav wada of Nashik, and vada pav which is famous in entire Maharashtra. Pandhara rassa and Tambada rasaa (white and red curry) of Kolhapur, Bhakarwadi of Pune,  which are now famous in entire world.

Well our Maharashtra is also famous for one more dish which is most  delicious  and spicy that is  “Missal Pav”.  Missal Pav is available in every hotels of Maharashtra. You can find it with Vadapav, Bhajiya (Pakodas) of potatoes and onion, Tea & Pohe on various stalls or in the hotels near by the road. images

Mainly ingredients use in Missal pav are Sprouts, mutter, chick peas & chilly-Garlic-Ginger paste, which enhance the taste of Missal. Missal is actully a mixture of pohe (baked rise) & shevchivda with gravy and curry of ingredients mention above. MissalPav is surverd with Urad dal papad, yoghurt, huge turry (spicy oil tadka) Two pav’s (bread as per requirements), Farsan or chewda and slice of lemon. So just imagine how healthy breakfast it will be to make our whole day fit.


Missal Pav is my favorite dish which I enjoy on every Sunday and on every government holidays. Mostly I enjoy it with my family and sometimes even with friends. Having break fast of Missal Pav standing on road side stall with friends is really a very amazing experience hope you will also love to have the same. So enjoy it fast and share your experience with me..