Hobbies in life.

Whenever we are free we like to do something which we do from our heart or we enjoying to do it or else we can also say that the thing which we like to enjoy and we are deeply interested may be called as hobby . Hobby is the only thing which can makes us happy and I should say, if our hobby becomes our source of income then life is like paradise.

Well each and every one of us have their own hobbies some like reading, listening music, tracking, chatting surfing, playing online games playing indoor and outdoor games, different types of social activities, helping at old age homes and many more. I think definition itself explains many things.

Now you must be thinking about my hobbies, yes I know my hobby is gardening the one which I like most but due to shortage of space I have planted my sapling in my available spaces only, I also like listing music specially instrumentation is my favorite which I like most, well I also like to read books too, The secret, understanding Mother, Immortals of Mehula secrets of the Nagas are some of the book which I like to read again & again. I should say that one should read at least once The Secret of Rhonda Byrne really it is amazing book which have too changed my life and I truly belief in secret now.TheSecretLogo

Whenever  we are in the negative mood then I should say one should start with hobby because hobby is the only thing which can makes us feel best and can help us to became positive again in our life. My hobby of gardening I got it from my Grandmother she is planting lots of trees and plant near by her area and me too doing the same. Now I have started collecting seeds of huge trees which grows taller and can be helpful in the jungle. I am on the way to create a group of friends which can be helping me to collect that entire sapling and will help the nature by planting the tress.

When we think that we are alone and no one is with us we should try to work with our hobbies which actually gives us happiness and helps to be calm and cool to retain our original mood.

Do share your hobbies with me so that I can too learn from you.


Chaitanya .K



How to enjoy your life……………



Well each and every one of us have this question stuck in to mind that how to enjoy our life? well its very simple. One should always know about the few things which can make him happy, it may includes presence of some people, some favorite spot, any of the favorite activity, or may be any thing which will not cause harm to any one but can make our life happy and leads to enjoy it.

One should take out the list of the things which can make him happy  and according to that particular list strive to work in that particular direction which can indirectly leads to enjoy his work as well as life. We see many youngster enjoy there life in very absurd  manners they love to drink,smoke, and getting addicted towards the drugs to which they called as they enjoy there life, but in other way we should say that they are ending up their life.

If you ask me how I do enjoy my life then I like to be with my friends and the best way I enjoy my life is I  to visit beautiful place in the wombs of nature. In our day to day life always have one habit to Thanks god for each and every thing which he  gives us the oxygen to breath, food to eat, clothes to wear, family to love and care for you, friends to share and many more such things if we will calculate then it will be infinite .  My mother always says be happy with what you have indirectly be happy with your life.  One things in our life never stops for any one and that is time. If we will start working as per the schedule time then I must say that there will be a lots of time for us to enjoy our life. If we think beyond the basic needs then its and only enjoyment for which we are earning and strives to work hard so that we can make our life as per our need and can enjoy it.

Everyone had there own basic idea and view to look towards life and to enjoy it but coming to same point if we just noted down all the thinks which can make us happy and strive to work for it happily then defiantly I would say that we are enjoying our life……..


Chaitanya .K




Friendship for me…..

A true friendhsip

In my life I meet many people’s some of them got close to my heart, while I got close to some of them each and every one of us travels form this phase.  People who got close to my heart were my best and true friends. When I was passing from this phase as mention above some special people got close to my heart but I was never close to them really don’t know why? What answer I got from them is myself I am responsible for the same. My behavior was not good towards them, really shocking form me. writing this blog doesn’t mean I want to proof that how I was best and rest of them was donkeys (lol) but just want  to express my way of friendship.

From my childhood I use to watch those films “Yaarana, Sholay  and yes the latest one which includes the Jane tu ya Jaane na, zinadagi na Milage Dobara, Dosti, and yes that one most latest “Student of the year& Desi Boys this are the few films which have fallen great impact on the youngster. To understand what is best friendship one should watch the above films at least once. Some where I was trying to behave like the above films character but really don’t know where I got fail.

My way of friendship is to have best and tight relationship and  which should be total transparent, there should be nothing secret which should be hide from each other even, the family problems are the one which should be share with each other. Only where privacy can be given value is the time when you get married and you get life partner yes that relation should be more close than friendship I do agree for the same. But again the role of friendship comes in rest of your life. What are the roles of best friend? If we come to discuss this question of course there will be huge list mentioning all the roles which are of no sense. The only line to define the friendship is “the day when you friend will be able to read your heart and eyes”  that’s the day when you will realize what your friend expect from you. It  will be the day to declare that you have blessed with the best friend by god.

In our life we should have at least one best friend who can share our problems, sorrows, happiness, and should be like part of family member. I remember few of the characters from films-:

  •  Maine Pyaar Kiya -: Laxmikant Berde and Salman Khan.
  • Desi Boys-: Akshay Kumar and John Abraham.
  • Dosti friendship forever-: Aksahy Kumar and Boby Deol.
  • Sholay-: Sir Amitab Bachchan and Sir Dharmendra .

And so on we have many of them for example, but the thing is this character can be seen only  in the films and not in the real life why so? This is because of lack of trust and yes I should say this selfishness.
To be very true I was treated on ground of money. Yes I don’t use to have money for party and for the enjoyment it is the truth which I can see from my end but form other still the concept is not clear why I was not treated as best friend? Any way today I am happy with my life that I have the sufficient money to fulfill my family as well as my needs.

What I would like to explain is, since we have world best parents and rest of family member but friendship is the most unique among all the relationships at least try to have one just a single one best friend in your life. Well to be very true I am still waiting for the one to come back to me so let’s be positive and wait hope the one whom I have lost will come back to my life again or may be god might have plan a new best friend for me, who will posses all the quality which I need in my best friend………………..

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Sant Ramdas with Shivaji Maharaj
गुरुर ब्रह्मा गुरुर विष्णु गुरु देवो महेश्वरः गुरु साक्षात परब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः

It said that first Guru in our life is our Mother, who teach us all the basic and the most important lessons of our life which stays within us for lifetime. In short we can say she construct all the pillar on which structure is going to stand. After Mother,comes the Teacher who make our career and help us to face the world around. Indian  history speak lots about this famous teacher a Guru who not only created there students that is Shisha but gave great lessons to human being.

Especially in Maharashtra we have Swami Ramdas which is know as Guru of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (King  Maharashtra). Lord Ramdas meet King Shivaji Maharaj at Shinganwadi near Chafal. At that time  Samartha Ramdas Swami said that Maharashtra existed because of Shivaji Maharaj. Samartha Ramdas Swami, through his teachings and his impact on society, helped him in realizing his dream.

Swami Ramadas is the most famous guru in Maharashtra. Ramdas Swami is the only one who wrote most famous Arati of Shree Ganesh which is most famous today “Sukhakarta Dukhaharta”, Swami Ramdas also established total 11 temples of lord Hanumana in Maharashtra in which idol is itself created by Guru Ramdas.  The Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation was his favorite as it involves every part of the body. It is said that he would do 1,200 Sun Salutations every day, believing that no spirituality could be attained if the physical body was not strong.

Today Swami’s contribution in the field of literature is really very great. ‘Dasbodh‘ , ‘Manache Shlok‘ , ‘ Atmaram’, ‘Manapanchak’ , ‘Anandavanbhuvan‘,  ‘Shivakalyanaraja’ are lighting the house of many people in Maharashtra  each and every school in Maharashtra should introduce his teaching in there school which can help the student to became like Shivaji Maharaj.

Today on this Guru Pornima I bow down to this Guru.

King of Pandharpura…….



King of Pandharpura-:


Ashadi Ekadashi the biggest Ekadshi from all, will be celebrated on 18th July 2013. All the varkaris have made their way  to Pandharpur by walking with holding the Palkhis that is Palanquin or doli of Shri Dnyaneshwar Mauli and Shri Tukaram Mauli to meet the Panduranga that is Vittal and Rukmini  Mauli.

Vari-:  Vari will be called as religious trip to religious place which is travelled by walking, where all the religious folk songs, Bhajans and all various religious activities are performed while walking. People who goes for Vari are called Varkari these are religious people having full faith within them that my Vitthala will sort out there all problems……….

 In our body itself we have Pandharpura which is known as Vishuddhi chakra. Vishuddhi chakra is present at the neck region which has 16 petals with purple colored. Vishuddhi chakra can get spoil due to Smoking, drinking and all types of drugs addiction, Lord Vishnu resides in this chakra with the avatars of lord Krishna (Left) and Lord Vitthala (right). Sometimes keeping silence for long time can help to keep this Vishuddhi chakra clean. Meditating on this chakra can help to clean this chakra the only way to sit for meditation is to sit silence at one place close your eyes and keep you all attention on the middle part of your neck.



Chaitanya .K

True Path…

shri mataji smiling8

I took the birth in very religious family who believes in fasting, worshiping in the temples and celebrating the festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and all the various religious festival from my childhood. I use to see my Grandmother and mother and the entire family member worshiping in temples and guru ashrams, but some where I was not happy with all this type of worshipping, really don’t know why?

One day suddenly my maternity uncle came to my house and they showed me the path of Sahaj Yoga which made drastic change in my life and some were my own soul starting feeling that yes some where I was waiting for this. When for the first time I saw the photograph of Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi I was just speechless and my eyes was just staring her as if my eyes was looking for this right path on which I should walk. Today I follow this shaja yoga the right path of my life which Shri Mataji showed me and will follow it till the end of my life because to be very true sahajyoga gave me self realization, cool breeze, and feeling of joy it have cleared all my personal and other problems which I use to face in my life….

Thanks Shri Mataji a lot for making my life such a beautiful !!!!

Relationship most IMP part of our life…………….



One of the important aspect in our life is Relationship. One who comes on the earth have lots of knots tied with him related to relationship, he/she get lots of name depending on various relations some relation becomes most closest in this life spam pure relations like of our Mother, Sister, Grandmother, are the most lovable relationship which are the closest to once.

Many relations like special of father get stuck into it duties for caring his newly born which includes the caring, career, future life stock and marriage.  Well I should say that father  get stuck with all the above duties which he felts to be very imp for his newly born baby which is the same part of Mother loves but he don’t like to show off  well it is depended on the nature of father lolzzz.

Relations play the vital role in once life when he get between the age of 15-16 at that time he start understanding the real meaning of relationship. When he gets his best friend with whom he can share all his secretes which can be share with family member he also get a group of friends in his college life who helps him to identify the entire world I should say that after family relationship friendship is the most imp relationship which plays the vital role in once life actually it the only relationship which can helps one to identify the real face of  the world . Friendship is such a pure  relationship which should be maintain with full of  transparency  between each other until and unless there is no transparency with the relationship then I should say that particular relationship has no value  and it will be no lifelong.

Few tips which I feel to be important to maintain in all Relationships.

  •  Love from the bottom of your heart.
  • Always free to have advices & help at the time of need.
  • listen what he/she wants to tell you.
  • Never lie to them.
  • Most important is to remember the  important dates!!
  • Never ever leave him/her alone at the time of your happiness.
  • Accept his or her weaknesses so that they can feel about your friendship
  • Always Call or text them regularly.
  • Be careful what you say to your friends!