“Life” if we looks towards its definition then Wikipedia says that Life is a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes from those that do not. Well it is definition in scientific way. When we get confused about what is life at such time we should ask the two of them-:

1) Who is happy  2) who is in deep sorrow

At such times we will get two different types of definitions for it. Well I should say for me life is the circle in which it covers the nearly about 10% of sorrows and rest 90% is of happiness. But I should say that 10% of sadness in my life is the only one who made my 90% of life happiest yes it is true. When once get completely stuck to its unhappy life at same time he also search or the way to get it out from it at such time he get the numerous ways to follow but he follows the one which is profitable and which is most easiest such ways are the one who make your path towards success and makes your life happy. It’s we who make our life complicated and easiest no one can blame other to make your life spoil and to make your life happy.


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