My Professiona Life.

My professional Life

My professional Life

Someone said that we should enjoy each and every moment of life, which is quite true. Being in the customer relationship I had completed my almost  three years, where I meet with different type of peoples on call and on chats somewhere of them rude while some of them was the best. I learn a lot, how to deal with rude and to be polite with kind, should thanks to my team mates who helped me in it. Today I am placed in again same field where I deals with outbound clients who found to be very kind to me. They are from UK. Again new experience and new things to learn, enjoying this climate a lot….

Sometimes I hate the environment, but until and unless I will not love it I will not enjoy it, so just trying to get adjust by loving it. In my daily life I always come across with may different type of peoples with different nature and behavior and trying to learn new things from them, its upto us what to grabs from each and every one, it’s their good deeds or bad one.

Life teach us by giving us good and bad experience, bad experience teach us the not to repeat the same where as good one gives us pleasure of work we did of satisfying our goal, we should not blame the good one as well as bad one as they are god gifted, just need to learn.

What I learn from my professional experience?

  • Don’t interfere in other work, they may not like it
  • Don’t suggest, unless you are requested
  • Always help the one who is need
  • Never try to be over closed to your clients
  • Be clear with your idea and with your knowledge with your senior
  • Never talk, unless it is necessary
  • At least have one best buddy in your life, relationship with him should be completely transparent nothing should be hidden from him unless it is more personal
  • Be trustful to your colleagues
  • Don’t over chat with your colleagues unless you don’t know them perfectly
  • Never share your family background with your colleagues
  • Give priority to your higher authority then to your colleague
  • Enjoy all the events of your office
  • Try to clear your week points as fast as you can
  • Always have smile on your face

Well all above are from my professional experience its depend person to person, trace your one and follow it and make your professional life best….  Best of luck!!

Advertisements in world of hosting….


This is 21st century and each and every one are in hurry to make the lump sum amounts of money. Most of the people choose business and rest of them choose the common jobs in private or in the Goverment sectors. When we talk about business then we have lots of idea to make it successful in the market.  Best idea to make your business successful in the market  is to make your business live on Internet,  Sir Bill Gates says “if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”  which is really true.


Today it has become very important to have your own business on the net which is possible my making only your website live  which can helps to  provide information related to your business to entire world.

Let us see which are the steps to make your business live on Internet.

Step 1. Register a Domain Name

Step 2. Plan your website and hosting

Step 3. Building your Website

Step 4. Website content

Step 5. Go Live!

If the pillars are strong enough, then dome can be easily stood. The first thing for making your website live is to have your on Domain name and Hosting account, which is easily available in each and every city and can be easily order online.

What is Domain Name?

A domain name is a crucial first step in launching an online business Let me explain you easily , ,

In Above mention website google, mantrahost & yahoo are the domain names. Which defines your site name. where as .com,.in,,. org are the extension of the domain which stand for-:

For domain registration follow the below steps-:

How do I register a domain name?

Visit and use the domain search bar to see if your favriout domain name is available. Enter the domain name, select the domain type from the drop down menu (.com,, etc) and click [CheckAvailability]. If the domain name isn’t already registered to someone else, the search results will show that it is available. Otherwise, the results may suggest different related domain names that you may choose instead. If the domain name is available, you will be asked whether you would like to register it. Follow the prompts, complete your details and within a few clicks, the domain will be yours.

What Do The Different Extensions Represent?

•    .COM — Abbreviation of “Commerce” — currently available to all
•    .NET — Abbreviation of “Network” — currently available to all
•    .ORG — Abbreviation of “Organization” — currently available to all
•    .INFO — Abbreviation of “Information” — currently available to all
•    .BIZ — Abbreviation of “Business” — currently available to all
•    .GOV — Abbreviation of “Government” — reserved for government institutions
•    .EDU — Abbreviation of “Education”—reserved for educational                 institutions


What is webhosting?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.  In short to book your space on server to access your website to your clients.

It’s important to have a very clear strategy in mind before going any further. By understanding exactly what you want from a website and, more importantly, what your customers want, you can choose the right features and select the appropriate web hosting package. For more details you can even have a live chat via following link-: respective agent can guide you very well for the same.

Now how to design your website?

Information websites

Many businesses don’t need to sell online so for such business Information websites are perfect


• Dentists, personal trainers and other health services

• Handymen, gardeners, cleaners and other household services

• Restaurants, entertainment venues and clubs

• Hairdressers, beauticians and other personal services

• Artists and photographers in need of an online portfolio

• And a whole lot more.

Typically with few pages in size, an information website which  allows you to Showcase your services sometimes with an image gallery, explain a little

about who you are and provide easy forms of contact.  Depending on how much content you wish to include in your website and how often you plan to edit or add to this content, you may need a content management system (CMS). For the same WordPress is best. Simple tools allow you to edit copy, images and layout without having to work with a web designer’s complex code. This makes a CMS the most practical choice for businesses looking to grow and develop their website without extra expense.

A CMS also allows visitors to interact with the website; for example, adding reviews to product pages, leaving comments on articles or creating personal profiles. All of this is achieved by storing all the elements of each webpage in fragments. The CMS assembles each page like a jigsaw puzzle for each individual website request.

For more information related to Webhosting feel free to take the live chat, or place a ticket on

He is coming on 25th December…..

534px-Bloch-SermonOnTheMount Well no need to explain what is there on 25th December and why we celebrate it, but yes it is important to discuss the way we celebrate it. Day by day world is changing and generation gap is also increasing. Older thoughts don’t harmonize with the new generations; selfishness among family member is also increasing day by day. It was time when each one use to think for his family first and then for himself. If we come across before the 70’s, 25 December use to deal with group prayers, donations, various social activity, activity to increase humanity among all, helping each other, praying for each other, and various types of activity use to be carried out.   Now the 25th December party deals with alcohol, late night parties, Kabrees, enjoying sex and all the absurd’s things which are away from thinking. Jesus Christ son of Lord Almighty came on this earth for making us relive from sorrow and pains. He showed us the path of truth on which we have to walk but here we have made  another path for us to walk which is full of shortcuts, causing harms to other as well as to ourselves. We have made our tendency to enjoy when other are in sorrows and are being hurt, making their funs , causing harm to others, showing our powers on poor’s, capturing illegal property and many more such shame less activity. Now I should say that this had became the human habits which he is going to pass to his next generation, where next generation will add his own more. But somewhere and somehow it should be stop. While reading Bible I came up with all the imp thoughts where Jesus says “Help the one who is in need , Feed the hunger, follow the true path, never hurt any one, respect the elders, care for poor”, and more well Christ himself have done this, if the Son of lord almighty can do this then why aren’t we? Each and every religion teaches us the same thing but really don’t know where we are lost. If we talk of Hinduism we can see all the above points are covered in it which Christ says, same way in the Islam and other religion too. All religions show us the path of humanity and harmony. If we fight with each other on the basis of religion then we should think on above points which are common in all. Okay anyway I don’t want to make my post lengthy and boring coming to the point is I just need to discuss the few things which are equal among Lord Ganesha and Jesus. They both took birth without father. They both were killed and came alive again. They both are loved by their Mothers. They both are loved by their father too. They both loved the small children. From above we can says that they are one as in Hinduism Lord Shiva is the God of Gods and have son the Ganesha and Jesus is son of lord Almighty.

Lets pray to the son of Lord Almighty


Let our ears hear that which is True; Let our eyes see that which is Pure; Let our beings praise that which is Divine; And let those who listen hear not my voice but the Wisdom of God! Let us worship with the same song, the same strength and the same Knowledge. And let our Meditation enlighten and enrich! Let there be amongst us Compassion and Peace.



My favorite Missal pav……….


Maharashtra” the name itself tell the story of the legend Shivaji Maharaj and now famous for cities like Mumbai, Nashik, Pune & Kolhapur and yes for its favorite dish like Puran Poli, Shrikand, Amti, and many more but how to forget Pav wada of Nashik, and vada pav which is famous in entire Maharashtra. Pandhara rassa and Tambada rasaa (white and red curry) of Kolhapur, Bhakarwadi of Pune,  which are now famous in entire world.

Well our Maharashtra is also famous for one more dish which is most  delicious  and spicy that is  “Missal Pav”.  Missal Pav is available in every hotels of Maharashtra. You can find it with Vadapav, Bhajiya (Pakodas) of potatoes and onion, Tea & Pohe on various stalls or in the hotels near by the road. images

Mainly ingredients use in Missal pav are Sprouts, mutter, chick peas & chilly-Garlic-Ginger paste, which enhance the taste of Missal. Missal is actully a mixture of pohe (baked rise) & shevchivda with gravy and curry of ingredients mention above. MissalPav is surverd with Urad dal papad, yoghurt, huge turry (spicy oil tadka) Two pav’s (bread as per requirements), Farsan or chewda and slice of lemon. So just imagine how healthy breakfast it will be to make our whole day fit.


Missal Pav is my favorite dish which I enjoy on every Sunday and on every government holidays. Mostly I enjoy it with my family and sometimes even with friends. Having break fast of Missal Pav standing on road side stall with friends is really a very amazing experience hope you will also love to have the same. So enjoy it fast and share your experience with me..


Divine Nine Nights………

Happy Navratri to you all.

goddess-durga-face-wallpaper-navratri-2013-images  So from 5th of October 2013 we are on way to celebrate the Navratri Nine  Night of Devi. Nava means nine and ratri means nights. During this Nine days we worship Devi’s nine forms and on  tenth day is commonly referred to as Vijayadashami or Dussehra. It is major festival which is celebrated all over in India specially states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bengal, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, & on Northern state  of Punjab.

Devi is worshiped in nine form which consist of Shailaputri,   Brahmacharini,  Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Kathyayini, Kaalratri, Mahagauri, & Siddhidaatri.


I live in Nashik, the city of Pilgrimage where we have Lordess Saptashrungi on Saptashrungi fort, situated 60 kilometers form Nashik. The temple is also known popularly as one of the “three and half Shakti Peethas” of Maharashtra. Saptashrungi Nivasini dwells within the seven mountain peaks. Sapta means seven and shrung means peaks. The forests in the hills are reported to have medicinal herbs.


In Gujarat people celebrates Navratri by Garba Sthapana , playing Garbha and Dandiya.

In Maharashtra it is celebrated by Ghatasthapana.

So on this Navratri lets worship the nine form of Devi and get her blessing to make our future life full of happiness.


Few mantras of devi for worshiping.

!! Sarva managala mangalyai shive sarvartha sadhike
Sharanye trayambake gauri naaraayani namo-stute !!

!! Ya Devi Sarva-bhuteshu, Shakti-rupenu-sansthitaa,
Namastasyae, Namastasyae, Namastasyae, Namaho-namah !!
!! Ya Devi Stuyate Nityam Vibhuhairvedaparagaih
SaMe Vasatu Jihvagre Brahmarupa Saraswati !!
!! Namastestu mahaa maaye, shripeete surapoojite
shanka chakra gadaa haste, mahaa Lakshmi namostu te !!

Sparrow on way to extinct !!!!!!!!!


We need to save them any how

While creating this universe Lord gifted only planet Earth with living beings. Living beings with different nature, different species, having different look, voice, shape and many more such thing. While creating this species he created a human being a social animal which was gifted with knowledge, so he is called as social animal. Looking towards today’s human growth in search of happiness for him and lead him to develop may short cuts, but again this happiness is the one which makes one happy and other sad. Happiness play a vital roles between two living beings, well this will continue to go on.

In search of happiness human started making his way using many short cuts which have also resulted in human economical and social growth. One of the best invention of human being was Mobile Phones which was best short cuts for communication today each and every one have mobile phones even a  new born baby have craze of it. Mobile phones made human life easier. Internet, various Operating systems and various functionality have made it possible to fit entire world in just one palm. Functionality of this small gadget is entirely based on electromagnetic waves which are transmitted between huge towers of various telecommunication companies. Now mobile phones are considers as basic needs of human beings.

Well as said above with these Mobile phones human beings are happy but are now blamed for sparrow death. The remarkable decline of the sparrow in all the cities and as per latest news on electronic as well as on print media have proof that Mobiles are the only one who is responsible for this wiping of the sparrow. For more details you can visit the and thehindus

Sparrows are the ones who are makes our morning full of joyful music by their mischief chirping are really are on way to extinct various NGO’s are on way to protect them. Sparrows are as important to our ecology system as other animals too. Now the time has came to protect them to care for them.

How we can help Sparrow-:

1)     At least keep water and grain for them in bowl at your garden.

2)     Plant a large amount of trees which can grow longer, so that sparrow can build there house on it.

3)     Try to minimize use of cell phone.

4)     Plant artificial house (nest) for sparrow.

 Hope you will love to do the above task……….

Ganpati Bappa Morya! Pudchya Varshi Laukar Yaa!

Ganpati Bappa Morya! Pudchya Varshi Laukar Yaa!


Ganesha festival which is know as Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated all over the Indian on 9th of September to 18th of September. All of them have offered the Elephant headed god with Modaks, laddus, Khirapat(Mixture of sugar and coconut),and different types of prashad which was specially made for him.

Ganesha is the know for its purity and innocence he is the one who is also know as removal of obstacles which makes him call Vighnaharta too. He is the one who resided in the Mooladhar chakra which is the first chakra which helps to awaken your Kundalini. All problems related to excretory organs skin problems are caused because of damage of Mooladhar (Mool-:Main, Adhar-:Support). If we keep this Mooladhar chakra clean then above problems can be cured.

Some tips to keep Mooladhar clean-:

1) Daily recites Ganesh Atharvashirsha by keeping your right hand that your palm facing ground tightly towards earth and left hand towards the Ganesha photo and do daily arati of Ganehsa. For more details you can visit the site-: Sahaja yoga

2) Always visit the Ganesha Temples which is historical like Ashtavinayaka, Titawala, Modkeshwar at Nashik,and many more historical temples near your areas, as this historical temples were created by keeping the intention for worshiping and not for the business. You can just meditate in those temples and can pray for your problems.

3) Try to minimize your fast and always keep small children happy.

Above are the few tip which have helped me, you can also try if you wish if the faith is true then it will defiantly work out  or else you can visit near by Sahaja yoga centers which can help you very well.