My Professiona Life.

My professional Life

My professional Life

Someone said that we should enjoy each and every moment of life, which is quite true. Being in the customer relationship I had completed my almost  three years, where I meet with different type of peoples on call and on chats somewhere of them rude while some of them was the best. I learn a lot, how to deal with rude and to be polite with kind, should thanks to my team mates who helped me in it. Today I am placed in again same field where I deals with outbound clients who found to be very kind to me. They are from UK. Again new experience and new things to learn, enjoying this climate a lot….

Sometimes I hate the environment, but until and unless I will not love it I will not enjoy it, so just trying to get adjust by loving it. In my daily life I always come across with may different type of peoples with different nature and behavior and trying to learn new things from them, its upto us what to grabs from each and every one, it’s their good deeds or bad one.

Life teach us by giving us good and bad experience, bad experience teach us the not to repeat the same where as good one gives us pleasure of work we did of satisfying our goal, we should not blame the good one as well as bad one as they are god gifted, just need to learn.

What I learn from my professional experience?

  • Don’t interfere in other work, they may not like it
  • Don’t suggest, unless you are requested
  • Always help the one who is need
  • Never try to be over closed to your clients
  • Be clear with your idea and with your knowledge with your senior
  • Never talk, unless it is necessary
  • At least have one best buddy in your life, relationship with him should be completely transparent nothing should be hidden from him unless it is more personal
  • Be trustful to your colleagues
  • Don’t over chat with your colleagues unless you don’t know them perfectly
  • Never share your family background with your colleagues
  • Give priority to your higher authority then to your colleague
  • Enjoy all the events of your office
  • Try to clear your week points as fast as you can
  • Always have smile on your face

Well all above are from my professional experience its depend person to person, trace your one and follow it and make your professional life best….  Best of luck!!


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