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This is 21st century and each and every one are in hurry to make the lump sum amounts of money. Most of the people choose business and rest of them choose the common jobs in private or in the Goverment sectors. When we talk about business then we have lots of idea to make it successful in the market.  Best idea to make your business successful in the market  is to make your business live on Internet,  Sir Bill Gates says “if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”  which is really true.


Today it has become very important to have your own business on the net which is possible my making only your website live  which can helps to  provide information related to your business to entire world.

Let us see which are the steps to make your business live on Internet.

Step 1. Register a Domain Name

Step 2. Plan your website and hosting

Step 3. Building your Website

Step 4. Website content

Step 5. Go Live!

If the pillars are strong enough, then dome can be easily stood. The first thing for making your website live is to have your on Domain name and Hosting account, which is easily available in each and every city and can be easily order online.

What is Domain Name?

A domain name is a crucial first step in launching an online business Let me explain you easily , ,

In Above mention website google, mantrahost & yahoo are the domain names. Which defines your site name. where as .com,.in,,. org are the extension of the domain which stand for-:

For domain registration follow the below steps-:

How do I register a domain name?

Visit and use the domain search bar to see if your favriout domain name is available. Enter the domain name, select the domain type from the drop down menu (.com,, etc) and click [CheckAvailability]. If the domain name isn’t already registered to someone else, the search results will show that it is available. Otherwise, the results may suggest different related domain names that you may choose instead. If the domain name is available, you will be asked whether you would like to register it. Follow the prompts, complete your details and within a few clicks, the domain will be yours.

What Do The Different Extensions Represent?

•    .COM — Abbreviation of “Commerce” — currently available to all
•    .NET — Abbreviation of “Network” — currently available to all
•    .ORG — Abbreviation of “Organization” — currently available to all
•    .INFO — Abbreviation of “Information” — currently available to all
•    .BIZ — Abbreviation of “Business” — currently available to all
•    .GOV — Abbreviation of “Government” — reserved for government institutions
•    .EDU — Abbreviation of “Education”—reserved for educational                 institutions


What is webhosting?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.  In short to book your space on server to access your website to your clients.

It’s important to have a very clear strategy in mind before going any further. By understanding exactly what you want from a website and, more importantly, what your customers want, you can choose the right features and select the appropriate web hosting package. For more details you can even have a live chat via following link-: respective agent can guide you very well for the same.

Now how to design your website?

Information websites

Many businesses don’t need to sell online so for such business Information websites are perfect


• Dentists, personal trainers and other health services

• Handymen, gardeners, cleaners and other household services

• Restaurants, entertainment venues and clubs

• Hairdressers, beauticians and other personal services

• Artists and photographers in need of an online portfolio

• And a whole lot more.

Typically with few pages in size, an information website which  allows you to Showcase your services sometimes with an image gallery, explain a little

about who you are and provide easy forms of contact.  Depending on how much content you wish to include in your website and how often you plan to edit or add to this content, you may need a content management system (CMS). For the same WordPress is best. Simple tools allow you to edit copy, images and layout without having to work with a web designer’s complex code. This makes a CMS the most practical choice for businesses looking to grow and develop their website without extra expense.

A CMS also allows visitors to interact with the website; for example, adding reviews to product pages, leaving comments on articles or creating personal profiles. All of this is achieved by storing all the elements of each webpage in fragments. The CMS assembles each page like a jigsaw puzzle for each individual website request.

For more information related to Webhosting feel free to take the live chat, or place a ticket on


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