He is coming on 25th December…..

534px-Bloch-SermonOnTheMount Well no need to explain what is there on 25th December and why we celebrate it, but yes it is important to discuss the way we celebrate it. Day by day world is changing and generation gap is also increasing. Older thoughts don’t harmonize with the new generations; selfishness among family member is also increasing day by day. It was time when each one use to think for his family first and then for himself. If we come across before the 70’s, 25 December use to deal with group prayers, donations, various social activity, activity to increase humanity among all, helping each other, praying for each other, and various types of activity use to be carried out.   Now the 25th December party deals with alcohol, late night parties, Kabrees, enjoying sex and all the absurd’s things which are away from thinking. Jesus Christ son of Lord Almighty came on this earth for making us relive from sorrow and pains. He showed us the path of truth on which we have to walk but here we have made  another path for us to walk which is full of shortcuts, causing harms to other as well as to ourselves. We have made our tendency to enjoy when other are in sorrows and are being hurt, making their funs , causing harm to others, showing our powers on poor’s, capturing illegal property and many more such shame less activity. Now I should say that this had became the human habits which he is going to pass to his next generation, where next generation will add his own more. But somewhere and somehow it should be stop. While reading Bible I came up with all the imp thoughts where Jesus says “Help the one who is in need , Feed the hunger, follow the true path, never hurt any one, respect the elders, care for poor”, and more well Christ himself have done this, if the Son of lord almighty can do this then why aren’t we? Each and every religion teaches us the same thing but really don’t know where we are lost. If we talk of Hinduism we can see all the above points are covered in it which Christ says, same way in the Islam and other religion too. All religions show us the path of humanity and harmony. If we fight with each other on the basis of religion then we should think on above points which are common in all. Okay anyway I don’t want to make my post lengthy and boring coming to the point is I just need to discuss the few things which are equal among Lord Ganesha and Jesus. They both took birth without father. They both were killed and came alive again. They both are loved by their Mothers. They both are loved by their father too. They both loved the small children. From above we can says that they are one as in Hinduism Lord Shiva is the God of Gods and have son the Ganesha and Jesus is son of lord Almighty.

Lets pray to the son of Lord Almighty


Let our ears hear that which is True; Let our eyes see that which is Pure; Let our beings praise that which is Divine; And let those who listen hear not my voice but the Wisdom of God! Let us worship with the same song, the same strength and the same Knowledge. And let our Meditation enlighten and enrich! Let there be amongst us Compassion and Peace.




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