Sparrow on way to extinct !!!!!!!!!


We need to save them any how

While creating this universe Lord gifted only planet Earth with living beings. Living beings with different nature, different species, having different look, voice, shape and many more such thing. While creating this species he created a human being a social animal which was gifted with knowledge, so he is called as social animal. Looking towards today’s human growth in search of happiness for him and lead him to develop may short cuts, but again this happiness is the one which makes one happy and other sad. Happiness play a vital roles between two living beings, well this will continue to go on.

In search of happiness human started making his way using many short cuts which have also resulted in human economical and social growth. One of the best invention of human being was Mobile Phones which was best short cuts for communication today each and every one have mobile phones even a  new born baby have craze of it. Mobile phones made human life easier. Internet, various Operating systems and various functionality have made it possible to fit entire world in just one palm. Functionality of this small gadget is entirely based on electromagnetic waves which are transmitted between huge towers of various telecommunication companies. Now mobile phones are considers as basic needs of human beings.

Well as said above with these Mobile phones human beings are happy but are now blamed for sparrow death. The remarkable decline of the sparrow in all the cities and as per latest news on electronic as well as on print media have proof that Mobiles are the only one who is responsible for this wiping of the sparrow. For more details you can visit the and thehindus

Sparrows are the ones who are makes our morning full of joyful music by their mischief chirping are really are on way to extinct various NGO’s are on way to protect them. Sparrows are as important to our ecology system as other animals too. Now the time has came to protect them to care for them.

How we can help Sparrow-:

1)     At least keep water and grain for them in bowl at your garden.

2)     Plant a large amount of trees which can grow longer, so that sparrow can build there house on it.

3)     Try to minimize use of cell phone.

4)     Plant artificial house (nest) for sparrow.

 Hope you will love to do the above task……….


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