Ganpati Bappa Morya! Pudchya Varshi Laukar Yaa!

Ganpati Bappa Morya! Pudchya Varshi Laukar Yaa!


Ganesha festival which is know as Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated all over the Indian on 9th of September to 18th of September. All of them have offered the Elephant headed god with Modaks, laddus, Khirapat(Mixture of sugar and coconut),and different types of prashad which was specially made for him.

Ganesha is the know for its purity and innocence he is the one who is also know as removal of obstacles which makes him call Vighnaharta too. He is the one who resided in the Mooladhar chakra which is the first chakra which helps to awaken your Kundalini. All problems related to excretory organs skin problems are caused because of damage of Mooladhar (Mool-:Main, Adhar-:Support). If we keep this Mooladhar chakra clean then above problems can be cured.

Some tips to keep Mooladhar clean-:

1) Daily recites Ganesh Atharvashirsha by keeping your right hand that your palm facing ground tightly towards earth and left hand towards the Ganesha photo and do daily arati of Ganehsa. For more details you can visit the site-: Sahaja yoga

2) Always visit the Ganesha Temples which is historical like Ashtavinayaka, Titawala, Modkeshwar at Nashik,and many more historical temples near your areas, as this historical temples were created by keeping the intention for worshiping and not for the business. You can just meditate in those temples and can pray for your problems.

3) Try to minimize your fast and always keep small children happy.

Above are the few tip which have helped me, you can also try if you wish if the faith is true then it will defiantly work out  or else you can visit near by Sahaja yoga centers which can help you very well.


2 thoughts on “Ganpati Bappa Morya! Pudchya Varshi Laukar Yaa!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I will
    be waiting for your next post thank you once again.

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