Hobbies in life.

Whenever we are free we like to do something which we do from our heart or we enjoying to do it or else we can also say that the thing which we like to enjoy and we are deeply interested may be called as hobby . Hobby is the only thing which can makes us happy and I should say, if our hobby becomes our source of income then life is like paradise.

Well each and every one of us have their own hobbies some like reading, listening music, tracking, chatting surfing, playing online games playing indoor and outdoor games, different types of social activities, helping at old age homes and many more. I think definition itself explains many things.

Now you must be thinking about my hobbies, yes I know my hobby is gardening the one which I like most but due to shortage of space I have planted my sapling in my available spaces only, I also like listing music specially instrumentation is my favorite which I like most, well I also like to read books too, The secret, understanding Mother, Immortals of Mehula secrets of the Nagas are some of the book which I like to read again & again. I should say that one should read at least once The Secret of Rhonda Byrne really it is amazing book which have too changed my life and I truly belief in secret now.TheSecretLogo

Whenever  we are in the negative mood then I should say one should start with hobby because hobby is the only thing which can makes us feel best and can help us to became positive again in our life. My hobby of gardening I got it from my Grandmother she is planting lots of trees and plant near by her area and me too doing the same. Now I have started collecting seeds of huge trees which grows taller and can be helpful in the jungle. I am on the way to create a group of friends which can be helping me to collect that entire sapling and will help the nature by planting the tress.

When we think that we are alone and no one is with us we should try to work with our hobbies which actually gives us happiness and helps to be calm and cool to retain our original mood.

Do share your hobbies with me so that I can too learn from you.


Chaitanya .K



One thought on “Hobbies in life.

  1. Nisha says:

    well I like making friends chatting with them going for picnic and having lots of fun …………………….

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