How to enjoy your life……………



Well each and every one of us have this question stuck in to mind that how to enjoy our life? well its very simple. One should always know about the few things which can make him happy, it may includes presence of some people, some favorite spot, any of the favorite activity, or may be any thing which will not cause harm to any one but can make our life happy and leads to enjoy it.

One should take out the list of the things which can make him happy  and according to that particular list strive to work in that particular direction which can indirectly leads to enjoy his work as well as life. We see many youngster enjoy there life in very absurd  manners they love to drink,smoke, and getting addicted towards the drugs to which they called as they enjoy there life, but in other way we should say that they are ending up their life.

If you ask me how I do enjoy my life then I like to be with my friends and the best way I enjoy my life is I  to visit beautiful place in the wombs of nature. In our day to day life always have one habit to Thanks god for each and every thing which he  gives us the oxygen to breath, food to eat, clothes to wear, family to love and care for you, friends to share and many more such things if we will calculate then it will be infinite .  My mother always says be happy with what you have indirectly be happy with your life.  One things in our life never stops for any one and that is time. If we will start working as per the schedule time then I must say that there will be a lots of time for us to enjoy our life. If we think beyond the basic needs then its and only enjoyment for which we are earning and strives to work hard so that we can make our life as per our need and can enjoy it.

Everyone had there own basic idea and view to look towards life and to enjoy it but coming to same point if we just noted down all the thinks which can make us happy and strive to work for it happily then defiantly I would say that we are enjoying our life……..


Chaitanya .K





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