Friendship for me…..

A true friendhsip

In my life I meet many people’s some of them got close to my heart, while I got close to some of them each and every one of us travels form this phase.  People who got close to my heart were my best and true friends. When I was passing from this phase as mention above some special people got close to my heart but I was never close to them really don’t know why? What answer I got from them is myself I am responsible for the same. My behavior was not good towards them, really shocking form me. writing this blog doesn’t mean I want to proof that how I was best and rest of them was donkeys (lol) but just want  to express my way of friendship.

From my childhood I use to watch those films “Yaarana, Sholay  and yes the latest one which includes the Jane tu ya Jaane na, zinadagi na Milage Dobara, Dosti, and yes that one most latest “Student of the year& Desi Boys this are the few films which have fallen great impact on the youngster. To understand what is best friendship one should watch the above films at least once. Some where I was trying to behave like the above films character but really don’t know where I got fail.

My way of friendship is to have best and tight relationship and  which should be total transparent, there should be nothing secret which should be hide from each other even, the family problems are the one which should be share with each other. Only where privacy can be given value is the time when you get married and you get life partner yes that relation should be more close than friendship I do agree for the same. But again the role of friendship comes in rest of your life. What are the roles of best friend? If we come to discuss this question of course there will be huge list mentioning all the roles which are of no sense. The only line to define the friendship is “the day when you friend will be able to read your heart and eyes”  that’s the day when you will realize what your friend expect from you. It  will be the day to declare that you have blessed with the best friend by god.

In our life we should have at least one best friend who can share our problems, sorrows, happiness, and should be like part of family member. I remember few of the characters from films-:

  •  Maine Pyaar Kiya -: Laxmikant Berde and Salman Khan.
  • Desi Boys-: Akshay Kumar and John Abraham.
  • Dosti friendship forever-: Aksahy Kumar and Boby Deol.
  • Sholay-: Sir Amitab Bachchan and Sir Dharmendra .

And so on we have many of them for example, but the thing is this character can be seen only  in the films and not in the real life why so? This is because of lack of trust and yes I should say this selfishness.
To be very true I was treated on ground of money. Yes I don’t use to have money for party and for the enjoyment it is the truth which I can see from my end but form other still the concept is not clear why I was not treated as best friend? Any way today I am happy with my life that I have the sufficient money to fulfill my family as well as my needs.

What I would like to explain is, since we have world best parents and rest of family member but friendship is the most unique among all the relationships at least try to have one just a single one best friend in your life. Well to be very true I am still waiting for the one to come back to me so let’s be positive and wait hope the one whom I have lost will come back to my life again or may be god might have plan a new best friend for me, who will posses all the quality which I need in my best friend………………..

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