King of Pandharpura…….



King of Pandharpura-:


Ashadi Ekadashi the biggest Ekadshi from all, will be celebrated on 18th July 2013. All the varkaris have made their way  to Pandharpur by walking with holding the Palkhis that is Palanquin or doli of Shri Dnyaneshwar Mauli and Shri Tukaram Mauli to meet the Panduranga that is Vittal and Rukmini  Mauli.

Vari-:  Vari will be called as religious trip to religious place which is travelled by walking, where all the religious folk songs, Bhajans and all various religious activities are performed while walking. People who goes for Vari are called Varkari these are religious people having full faith within them that my Vitthala will sort out there all problems……….

 In our body itself we have Pandharpura which is known as Vishuddhi chakra. Vishuddhi chakra is present at the neck region which has 16 petals with purple colored. Vishuddhi chakra can get spoil due to Smoking, drinking and all types of drugs addiction, Lord Vishnu resides in this chakra with the avatars of lord Krishna (Left) and Lord Vitthala (right). Sometimes keeping silence for long time can help to keep this Vishuddhi chakra clean. Meditating on this chakra can help to clean this chakra the only way to sit for meditation is to sit silence at one place close your eyes and keep you all attention on the middle part of your neck.



Chaitanya .K


4 thoughts on “King of Pandharpura…….

  1. Chaitanyalife says:
  2. Shishir Gaikwad says:

    Bola va vitthala pahava vitthala karava vitthala jiva bhave………
    Pandharinath Maharaj ki Jai
    Bola Dnyanoba mauli Tukaram…………

  3. Gautam says:

    Pandharicha Raja alo tujha Betila …………………..

  4. Vishal.G says:

    vithumalui tu mauli jagachi maulich murti vitthala chi…….
    today entire Maharashtra will be fasting for this Ekadshi….

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