True Path…

shri mataji smiling8

I took the birth in very religious family who believes in fasting, worshiping in the temples and celebrating the festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and all the various religious festival from my childhood. I use to see my Grandmother and mother and the entire family member worshiping in temples and guru ashrams, but some where I was not happy with all this type of worshipping, really don’t know why?

One day suddenly my maternity uncle came to my house and they showed me the path of Sahaj Yoga which made drastic change in my life and some were my own soul starting feeling that yes some where I was waiting for this. When for the first time I saw the photograph of Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi I was just speechless and my eyes was just staring her as if my eyes was looking for this right path on which I should walk. Today I follow this shaja yoga the right path of my life which Shri Mataji showed me and will follow it till the end of my life because to be very true sahajyoga gave me self realization, cool breeze, and feeling of joy it have cleared all my personal and other problems which I use to face in my life….

Thanks Shri Mataji a lot for making my life such a beautiful !!!!


2 thoughts on “True Path…

  1. salil says:

    sahajyoga Ya I know this very well Shri Mataji have huge followers in UK, Russia, Rome, Australia, Germany and yes also India, too…..
    I think this sahajyoga have spread through out the world….
    Sahaj yoga really helps ppl to clear all there problems…….

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