Relationship most IMP part of our life…………….



One of the important aspect in our life is Relationship. One who comes on the earth have lots of knots tied with him related to relationship, he/she get lots of name depending on various relations some relation becomes most closest in this life spam pure relations like of our Mother, Sister, Grandmother, are the most lovable relationship which are the closest to once.

Many relations like special of father get stuck into it duties for caring his newly born which includes the caring, career, future life stock and marriage.  Well I should say that father  get stuck with all the above duties which he felts to be very imp for his newly born baby which is the same part of Mother loves but he don’t like to show off  well it is depended on the nature of father lolzzz.

Relations play the vital role in once life when he get between the age of 15-16 at that time he start understanding the real meaning of relationship. When he gets his best friend with whom he can share all his secretes which can be share with family member he also get a group of friends in his college life who helps him to identify the entire world I should say that after family relationship friendship is the most imp relationship which plays the vital role in once life actually it the only relationship which can helps one to identify the real face of  the world . Friendship is such a pure  relationship which should be maintain with full of  transparency  between each other until and unless there is no transparency with the relationship then I should say that particular relationship has no value  and it will be no lifelong.

Few tips which I feel to be important to maintain in all Relationships.

  •  Love from the bottom of your heart.
  • Always free to have advices & help at the time of need.
  • listen what he/she wants to tell you.
  • Never lie to them.
  • Most important is to remember the  important dates!!
  • Never ever leave him/her alone at the time of your happiness.
  • Accept his or her weaknesses so that they can feel about your friendship
  • Always Call or text them regularly.
  • Be careful what you say to your friends!




2 thoughts on “Relationship most IMP part of our life…………….

  1. nilesh says:

    this tips are really very help full ……..

  2. sahil mansoori says:

    some of the relationship like of our mother & father are also important not just friends bcz they care lots for us ………………

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