Lesson I learn from Friendship.

For me friendship is the closest relationship like my family. My way of thinking for friendship was complete different.  I always use to think that to have at least one best friend in my life till the end of my life, the one who will share his as well as my sorrows and happiness with me, the one who will help me at each and every path, the one who will show me correct path, the one who will treat my parents as his parent, and will be always with me at each and every stage of my life. But I really don’t know why I have not yet got that one.

Yes I do have lots of friend with whom I enjoy my tracking, my picnic, my office, and my regular life but still on the way to find perfect one to whom I can trust, and can get the feeling of “best friend”.

One short story I will tell you which is related to my best friend concept.

I met one who was with me in the same educational field slowly slowly…. I started trusting him and made me fly in the air that he is my best friend for ever but soon I realize that his work form my end was completed all the help he needs form my end was done he was there with me because his past group had left him but now they all again excepted him and now it was my time to get back to alone life again….

The think which I would like to share with you is never go on attraction and never became too much blind in the friendship because if such thing happens then surely you are going to come in the huge depression  “such types of behavior of your friends is the best warning for you to became alert”.But to be very true I am still waiting for him so that he can realize what he had done with me & will became my best friend forever.Hopes never die…         images (4)


2 thoughts on “Lesson I learn from Friendship.

  1. karan says:

    best kabhi nahi milta mera bhai tu kitna bhi kuch bhi karle sabhi dost selfish hote hain ……..

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