Life of flowers


At every morning when I offered my puja, I come out to collect sweet flowers of Parijatak also called Prajakta , scientifically can be called as “Nyctanthes arbor-tristis“. I always wonder at this flowers that they are fallen on road and on top of the cars which are parked below the tree. I collect those flower which is fallen on Car’s top and offer the same to God, but after some time when I just look at this flowers they becomes totally dry and loose. One thing which I came to understand form this flower is that even its get dry it lefts its aroma, which is really very full of miracle. Same thing takes place with many other flowers too, specially in case “Saussurea obvallata” named as “Brahama Kamal” who sustains just for 2-3 hours but leaves its aroma for full night.

One thing we should learn from flowers is to give happiness to each and every one, the way flower give us by giving its aroma and make our mind fresh & happy. Live a life in such a way that even though we are not present physically but our aroma can make us feel physically for other.


One thought on “Life of flowers

  1. kamlesh says:

    jitne bhi din jiyo has ke jiyo muskurake jiyo khushi se jiyo pyaar do pyaar lo 🙂 🙂

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