Life what exactly does it means?

Does really any one of us know what does exactly life means?
According to me the one who enjoys his/her life at each and every phase really know the meaning the life.

I remember one poem of  W. H. Davies where he says-:                                              

WHAT is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

It is we who don’t have time, that means we have made our life full of problem and full of emotions and it is only we who can take out the time to enjoy. understanding the meaning of life is not complicated once you know your goal or your destination then it becomes easy for you to enjoy your life. Enjoyment of life is resides with us it is not dependable on any one, it is we who can take out the time to enjoy.

Just ask one question to yourself?

Are you Happy? if no then why, what is the main cause? how it can be sort out? but while answering the above question don’t blames other because other are not meant to live our life and we too are not meant to live there life. Problems start form us and end on us.

I remember one few line form book “The Secret” where writer tell us that what ever we goes on thinking comes to an reality whether it positive or negative because our thinking frequency leads to do this. So in short I would like be positive and just go on thinking that your problem will get solved soon or even think that it had solved ever.

The only way to live your life is to have positive approach toward the life rest nothing will help out just try it and let me know.


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